Clinical decision support

The role of predictive analytics and clinical decision support in value-based care

Philip Chen, Bruce K. Muma, Scott Weingarten

13 May 2020


14 innovative startup solutions addressing the current pandemic

Simone Edelmann

30 April 2020

Point of care

Mobilizing effective contingency plans for future health system threats: COVID-19 NHS case study

Tony Cambridge

15 April 2020

Patient satisfaction

How to deliver more efficient and patient-centered cancer care?

Shannon Boldon

8 April 2020

COVID-19 solutions and technologies that are transforming healthcare systems

Simone Edelmann

26 March 2020

Employee engagement

Battling burnout in healthcare: the importance of a positive work culture

Sasha Shillcutt

23 March 2020

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics: filling the gaps in the patient journey to help personalize care

Dr. Andrew Wu

11 March 2020

Employee engagement

Battling burnout in healthcare: building resilience and workplace engagement

Sasha Shillcutt

2 March 2020

Health economics

WEF Global Risks 2020: Evolving threats require health leaders to take action

Stephanie Shufelt

20 February 2020

Personalized healthcare

Five strategies towards personalized healthcare

Simone Edelmann

10 February 2020

Artificial intelligence

How to make use of your healthcare data? Just ask.

Lana Feng, Greg Kostello

5 February 2020

Happy New Year!

The Healthcare Transformers’ 3 most-read articles of 2019!

Stephanie Shufelt

3 January 2020

Conferences and Networking

12 top healthcare conferences you’ll want to attend in 2020

Stephanie Shufelt

27 December 2019

Patient experience

From healthcare to health: preparing for a sustainable future

Lucien Engelen

17 December 2019

Information Technology

Google and Ascension: big win or big worry for patients?

Simone Edelmann

6 December 2019

Value-based healthcare

How will data-driven diagnostics lead to value-based care?

Maneesh Juneja

25 November 2019