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Here’s a little background about us: Healthcare Transformers is a content hub aimed at c-suite/executive leaders in healthcare. The site is a place to showcase non-promotional, innovative, thought leadership material from experts in the field around topics of healthcare transformation. The articles/interviews are developed together and published to this site and promoted to digital and social media channels. If you have an idea for a content piece, we’d love to hear from you.

Because the path to healthcare transformation starts with all of us.

Technology. Big Data. Artificial Intelligence. These are all terms that we are hearing more and more and that are changing the healthcare industry as we know it with the focus on where it matters most: the patients.

Healthcare Transformers is working with you to deliver valuable, cutting-edge content from the very leaders that are facing healthcare transformation head-on so that you can make effective decisions for your organization, personnel and patients.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent many a night up late pondering questions like,

  • Do I have the right business model?
  • What about the right business structure?
  • Oh shoot, how are other leaders organizing themselves?
  • Are there new technologies being implemented that I should be aware of?
  • Am I meeting patient experience goals?
  • How would I go about improving them?
  • Am I handling this transformation period well as a leader?
  • Do I have the right staff in place?
  • Is my personnel properly trained?
  • How the heck do I retain them?
  • Is my way of doing things sustainable and can it grow with me?
  • How am I supposed to keep up with all of this in addition to, ya know, saving lives?
  • Does everyone else feel the massive pressure I do?
  • Can I trust articles on Pharma sites? Aren’t they probably biased?

At the end of the day, if we want to transform patients’ lives, we don’t just need new thinking for the future, we need practical knowledge for today.

And as far as we’re concerned, the best way to do both is to do it together.

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