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Claus Puhlmann

PhD Cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer of The Medical Algorithms Co.

Claus Puhlmann is a former research scientist with Max-Planck-Institute, has extensive experience in cancer biology and immunology, and over 25 years experience in publishing scientific and medical information for professionals, content management, and patient-focused, internet-based medical information and health record systems. Claus is also author of more than 200 medical review articles for patients and an award winning photographer. His primary focus is on media structure, quality control, and online content.

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Value-Based Healthcare

Data-driven healthcare. What’s next and how do we get there?

Claus Puhlmann,

8 June 2020

Artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence to leverage healthcare data and create efficiencies

Claus Puhlmann,

Johannes Harl,

John Svirbely,

20 May 2020