Top 10 healthcare podcasts for executives

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Top 10 healthcare podcasts for executives

25 November 2021 | 7min

We understand that as healthcare leaders and change-makers, you are very busy people who want to stay on top of all the latest industry developments and news. But, it may be difficult to find the time to read books, journals, or watch lengthy videos. One of the simplest and most effective ways to stay on top of all this information is actually by listening to Healthcare Podcasts. The beauty of podcasts, is you can enjoy them while commuting to work, at the gym, or catching up on emails even, you don’t even need to adjust your schedule.

These healthcare podcasts are frequently posting audio clips with industry experts and professionals about the key topics and developments that are taking the industry by storm. Meaning you can stay up to date without feeling like you are adding to your workload. That’s why we’ve put together the following top 10 list of podcasts you should be listening to. 

  1. The Healthcare Executive Podcast by American College of Healthcare Executives

Where the most meaningful discussions for healthcare executives happen” 

This podcast started in February 2019 and currently has over 40 short 15 to 20 minutes episodes, some of their most recent conversations discuss topics such as health equity, leadership strategies and c-suite insights, as well as workforce resiliency and experiential learning. 

With a long list of guest speakers, guests have included: 

  • Nicole M. Cooper, DrPH, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs at UnitedHealth Group,
  • John S. Winkleman, faculty member at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and 
  • Carrie Owen Plietz, FACHE, Regional President, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, and 2021 Chair of the ACHE Board of Governors
  • Rick Pollack, President and CEO of the American Hospital Association
  • Ghazala Sharieff, MD, FACHE, Chief Medical Officer, Acute Care, Clinical Excellence and Experience at Scripps Health

To access their latest podcasts, click here.

  1. Data Book by Inside Digital Health™  

Exploring the people and plots behind the health-tech evolution—and the solutions to its problems.”

This podcast started in March 2018 by the Chief Healthcare Executive, spotlights the best stories and insights in healthcare technology from big data to artificial intelligence to cybersecurity. Speaking to industry leaders and experts who are passionate about health, recent conversations have been around digital apps, supply chain solutions, patient-matching technology and patient care optimization, as well as business strategy. 

Recent guests have included:

  • Tomer Shussman and Hila Glick of OneStep, a physical therapy app
  • Ira Tauber, president of Triose
  • Clay Ritchey, CEO of Verato
  • Terri Casterton, Director of Healthcare Product and Strategy at Bottle Rocket
  • Steve Wigginton, CEO of Icario

To access the latest podcast, click here.

  1. Digital Health Today 360 with Dan Kendall

“Sharing insights, experience and knowledge from the front lines of health tech innovation.”

Starting back in 2016, this podcast now has 123 episodes to date and features the innovators, leaders and pioneers reshaping health and wellness. Created by Dan Kendall, he aims to inspire, connect and accelerate innovators across healthcare, talking about women’s health, social determinants, data usage and security, digital health, and strategy.  

Some of the latest guest speakers have included:

  • Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Economist
  • Meni Styliadou, VP Distinguished Fellow, Data Science Institute at Takeda
  • Dr. David E. Alberty, Chief Medical Officer of Alivecor
  • Adam Berman, Director of Franchise Marketing at Roche Diagnostics
  • Dominick Kennerson, Global Head G4A, Digital Health Partnerships at Bayer Pharmaceuticals

To access the latest podcast, click here.

  1. HSJ Health Check by HSJ (Health Service Journal)

“The go to place for an independent, informed and immediate take on health and care news”

This UK-based podcast started in 2019, has 55 episodes and aims to provide a weekly analysis of the biggest issues in health policy and leadership from HSJ’s expert journalists. Recent topics of conversation include NHS reform, mental health, healthcare spending, and patient safety

Recent guests have included:

  • Helen Buckingham, Director of Strategy at Nuffield Trust
  • Richard Sloggett, Programme Director of the Future Health Research Centre
  • Andy Bell, deputy Chief Executive of ‘Centre for Mental Health’ Charity

To access the latest podcasts, click here

  1. Healthcare Triage Podcast with Dr. Aaron Carroll

“Healthcare Triage is a series about healthcare hosted by Dr. Aaron Carroll who explains healthcare policy, medical research, and answers a lot of other questions you may have about medicine, health, and healthcare

One of the longest running healthcare podcasts we found started back in 2015 and has 88 episodes to date. The podcast is fun and informative, covering topics such as Alzheimer’s, COVID-19, diversity as well as developments within medicine and research. 

Most recent guests include:

  • Erin Conboy, MD and Francesco Vetrini PhD of the Undiagnosed and Rare Disease Clinic (URDC)
  • Tatiana Foroud, PhD and Liana Apostolova, MD and Jeff Dage, PhD at Indiana School of Medicine
  • Dr. Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds and Dr. Sylk Sotto
  • Dr. Rafat Abonour and Dr. Fabiana Perna
  • Dr. Bryan Schneider and Dr. Milan Radovich

To access the latest podcasts, click here

  1. The #HCBiz Show! With Don Lee and Shahid Shah

“A practical podcast on the business of healthcare”

The podcast started in 2017, with 174 episodes to date, aims to talk about the complex dynamics of the healthcare business, identifying the issues that impede change, why they exist and ways to work with them, through them, or around them. You can expect discussions around healthcare policy, administration and the psychology behind it all, helping you align your ideas to business incentives, market them to healthcare leaders and get the sale.

Recent topics include value-based payments, communication, financial management, mergers and acquisitions.

Latest guests have included:

  • Gail Zahtz, Value-based Contracting expert
  • Tayla Miron-Shatz, PhD
  • Franck McGillen, CEO, Peter Rasumussen, MD and Chief Clinical Officer of The Cleveland Clinic
  • Kristian Marquez, CFA, Managing Director for FinStrat Management
  • Mechelle Stansbury, VP of IT Innovation, Brad Shaink, Administrative Director of Digital Innovation and Josh Sol, Administrative Director of Ambulatory Innovation

To access the latest podcasts, click here.

  1. Outcomes Rocket by Saul Marquez

“The shared knowledge hub for healthcare’s toughest problems”

Started back in March 2017 and this podcast now has 1,051 episodes featuring healthcare leaders in interviews that address healthcare challenges and aim to inspire listeners to improve patient outcomes and experience business success in healthcare. 

Latest topics discussed have been around streamlining operations, removing financial barriers to care, workforce and diversity, accessibility and even venture capital trends in healthcare technology. 

Some of the most recent guests featured have included:

  • Srulik Svorsky, co-founder and CEO at TailorMed
  • Mary Rose Saint-Cy, Second-Year Student in the Direct Master of Science In Nursing Program
  • Michael Greeley Co-Founder and General Partner at Flare Capital Partners
  • Diego Rey, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Endpoint Health
  • Rajeev Ronanki, Chief Digital Officer at Anthem Inc.

To access the latest podcasts, click here

  1. The Lens by Catalysis

“Get a glimpse inside healthcare organizations that are transforming to a culture of improvement to deliver continually higher value outcomes for patients, staff, and communities.”

This podcast is relatively young, having only started back in January 2020 but has still recorded 46 episodes.  Recent discussions have included topics around patient experience, management, new care models and process improvements. 

Recent podcast guests have included:

  • Ryan Haley, Senior Director of Ambulatory Services
  • Anita Iyenger, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Peter Ward, Director at the Centre of Operational Excellence
  • Kellie Olmstead, VP & Chief Transformation Officer at Nemours
  • Tom Hartman, Executive Coach at Catalysis

To access the latest podcasts, click here

  1. The Oliver Wyman Health Podcast by Oliver Wyman Health

“Conversations with leaders who are pioneering the transformation of the health market.”

Beginning back in September 2016 this podcast has now published 51 episodes. This podcast features a range of conversations from the business challenges of transforming healthcare from volume to value, consumer engagement, consumer experience, digital health, care delivery models, to more generic topics such as strategy, leadership, and organization.

Some of the latest podcast guest speakers have included:

  • Shantanu Nundy, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Accodade
  • Jason Crabtree, CEO of QOMPLX
  • Alex Glazier, CEO of New England Donor Services
  • Kevin O’Connor, CEO of LifeCenter Northwest 
  • Sachin Jain, MD, MBA, President & CEO of SCAN Group and Health Plan

To access the latest podcasts, click here

  1. Shaping the Future of Healthcare

“Insights on MedTech trends and best practices from leadership, innovators and clinicians around the world.

Started as a COVID-19 podcast back in June 2020, this podcast is still relatively new with only 16 published episodes. You can expect to hear conversations with renowned experts shaping the future of healthcare. Recent topics discussed include Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), integrated diagnostics, Covid-19, diversity in the workplace, and robotics. 

Some of their recent podcast guests have included:

  • Bruce Rosen, M.D
  • Vivek Muthurangu, M.D.
  • Stefan Schönberg, MD, Director and Chairman of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the University Medical Center Mannheim.
  • Dr. Suresh de Silva, founder of Radiology Across Borders
  • Dr. Ankur Mutreja, a global health scientist from the University of Cambridge

To access the latest podcasts, click here.

Happy listening!

However, if podcasts aren’t for you and you still enjoy sitting down with a good book then check out our top list of healthcare leadership books here.

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