Top 10 artificial intelligence courses for healthcare executives

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Top 10 artificial intelligence courses for healthcare executives

17 September 2021 | 7min

Artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing are projected to empower patients, transform the practice of medicine and generate savings of over $150 billion in the healthcare industry by 2025.1

If implemented correctly, it is estimated that AI could improve health outcomes by up to 40 percent while reducing treatment costs up to 50 percent from improving diagnosis, increasing access to care and enabling precision medicine.2

As if AI wasn’t already transforming the healthcare industry at a rapid rate, the pace has been accelerated since the onset of Covid-19.

With more changes to healthcare delivery methods and more focus on providing quality healthcare and better management of patient and employee experiences, understanding how AI applications and strategies are being used and implemented is key to reaching these transformational goals.

To equip you for this next industrial revolution – the digital revolution3 – we have put together the top 10 AI courses for health executives. 

1.   Artificial Intelligence for Executives – University of Navarra, IESE Business School | November 2, 2021

“If data is the driver of digital transformation, artificial intelligence is the key that unleashes its power.”

This course is designed for business leaders and senior executives across various companies and sectors who seek a broader understanding of the potential impact of AI on their work, organization and competitive landscape.

Two main benefits this course offers are analyzing real-life AI integrations to understand their strategic benefits and challenges and acquiring insights to facilitate the integration of AI solutions to your firm, among others.

At a time when AI snake oil is sold everywhere, an institution that truly connects the dots between technology, business and organizational structures is a treasure. No wonder IESE is the highest-ranked business school in the world. Last but not least, the program brought together an amazing group of participants who populated our discussions with insights, expertise and large doses of fun.

Urko Sánchez Sanz, Machine Learning Manager, SAP Artificial Intelligence

The next 5-week live online course is starting November 2, 2021. For more information, please visit University of Navarra online.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – MIT Management Executive Education | October 6-November 23, 2021

Health care is mostly about predicting what the patient currently has and what treatment will work. AI provides you with a toolbox of algorithms that can remove the guesswork.

Regina Barzilay, Delta Electronics Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

MIT offers this course to equip health care leaders with a grounded understanding of AI innovations by exploring AI technology, its applications, and industry opportunities. Techniques such as natural language processing, data analytics, and machine learning will be investigated across contexts such as disease diagnosis and hospital management.

This course is online and requires eight hours a week for a total of six weeks. Certification is received upon course completion.

For more information, please visit MIT Management Executive Education.

3. AI Leadership for Healthcare – Leveraging AI for Healthcare- University of Maryland

From big data to policy, artificial intelligence is significantly changing the healthcare industry… it proves to be a critical component in diagnosis, treatment, care delivery and outcomes.


This program is ideal for healthcare leaders and professionals looking to use data analytics to drive growth and efficiency within their organization. Being able to build and lead teams in an AI-enabled environment with business models, technology capabilities and organizational structure that are in constant motion makes this program ideal for those looking to understand the new essentials of leading in the digital economy.

Each course is four consecutive weeks with four virtual, live sessions on Tuesdays.

For more information, please visit University of Maryland.

4. Applied Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare – Harvard University, School of Public Health – Executive and Continuing Professional Education

This course teaches you all you wanted to know about AI but were afraid to ask! It is focused on health care leaders without a formal data science or engineering background who are interested in how to use AI to transform their organizations and in so doing improve health outcomes.

Trishan Panch, MD, MPH, Co-Program Director, Applied Artificial Intelligence for Health Care

This course aims to bridge the gap between health care leaders and data scientists. Learning from the leaders in healthcare AI, you will use group discussions, active learning strategies, case studies and masterclasses to explore topics such as AI creating, potential implementation challenges, business models for AI in healthcare, and the future of the field over the next 5 years.

This is also a great opportunity to connect with other leaders in the industry.

For more information, please visit Harvard University, School of Public Health – Executive and Continuing Professional Education.

5.Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Stanford School of Medicine – Professional Program

This course is ideal for healthcare providers and computer science professionals, offering insights to facilitate collaboration between the two disciplines. In this course, you will learn to identify problems healthcare providers face that machine learning can solve, analyze how AI affects the patient experience, relate AI to the science, practice and business of medicine, and apply AI to help you innovate and understand emerging technologies.

A certificate can be earned when you complete all four courses and the capstone.

For more information, please visit Stanford School of Medicine – Professional Program.

6.Competing in the Age of AI- Harvard Business School | September 23- November 11, 2021

This course is designed for decision-makers, leaders and contributors who are responsible for shaping their organization’s AI, data analytics, or digital transformation strategy.

It aims to help companies leverage AI and data in order to redefine how they create, capture and share value while achieving massive growth as a result.

The program is live and online and will also help you to deepen your understanding of ethical challenges that come from leveraging mass amounts of data and sophisticated analytics.

For more information, please visit Havard Business School.

7. Health Data Science (Live Online) – Columbia Business School | December 7-16, 2021

We are at an inflection point in healthcare, with more data points accumulating in the industry than ever before. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the virtualization of the healthcare system, bringing about a much-needed revolution in remote patient devices as well as the capturing, storing, analyzing, and visualizing of data. This has led to a transformation for machine learning, more commonly coined as artificial intelligence, resulting in the rapid growth of health data sciences. This program will provide a treatment for the definition, delineations, and details of technologies as well as techniques for executives to facilitate the incorporation of health data science into their organization.

Stan Kachnowski, Director of the Digital Health Program Series

This course is designed for executives working in the fields of life science innovation, pharmaceutical and device research, health tech investment, and other related industries. It was created to empower participants to understand and engage in the complex digital health landscape in order to identify meaningful opportunities and generate new value for both their organizations and patients.

The sessions are held online in the form of interactive lectures, case studies, and online workshops. It is taught by Columbia Business School professors, digital health practitioners, and business leaders.

For more information, please visit Columbia Business School.

8. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Leaders – The University of Chicago – Professional Education

This program is designed for leaders across different industries who want to increase their understanding of AI and build and lead an AI-driven organization.

You will learn about statistical inference, machine learning, and emerging technologies to smoothly integrate AI into your organization and optimize the way your employees work with machines.

The program is eight weeks in duration and is held remotely.

For more information, please visit The University of Chicago – Professional Education.

9. Oxford AI Programme – Understand the mechanics behind AI, its potential and its challenges – University of Oxford | Saïd Business School

It is one of the best programs I’ve ever attended. I would call it an action-packed thriller technology course… It is like parallel processing computers, where we get so much knowledge and so many ideas from fellow students.

Roni Ukken, Director, Sheperd Limited UK

This program is designed for business leaders across multiple functions and industries who want a practical way of accessing the world of AI. Learn to assess the implications and possibilities of AI in your industry and be able to use a robust framework to evaluate the social and ethical implications of AI.

The program is six weeks in duration and is held remotely. For more information, please visit the University of Oxford | Saïd Business School.

10. AI for Executives – Experfy

This short course is designed for non-technical executives and decision-makers who want to learn how AI will impact their business.

You will gain a deeper understanding of AI, how to optimize it, and understand the machine learning models to be able to use and implement AI in your organization effectively.

For more information, please visit Experfy.

How will you invest in yourself as a leader this year?

Investing in your skills as an executive and key decision-maker will enable you to create and implement a strategy to achieve your transformation objectives while inspiring and leading those around you and in your organization.

What courses are you investing in these days?

Stephanie Shufelt, MBA is one of the editors and founders of She is dedicated to delivering high quality content on the topic of the future of healthcare to our readers.


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