Healthcare hotspots in the UK

Healthcare hotspots in the UK

17 January 2022 | 5min

In the UK, we’ve defined healthcare hotspots as places where healthcare is both easily accessible and of a high quality. After ranking 28th on our global healthcare hotspots list, we wanted to find out which towns and counties within the UK are the best places to live.  We used data on the cost, availability of advanced technology and appointments and satisfaction levels of residents, to find out which places have earned this title around the UK. 

We know that healthcare is extremely complex, and there are many factors that contribute to how effective a healthcare system is. We have chosen to look at data points which show a wide range of information, from official statistics to the opinions of residents, but we are aware that these may differ from those in similar lists. However, we have chosen our data points specifically to show the widest variety of factors that contribute to an area’s healthcare, to result in fair and well-rounded results.  

In the UK, the various NHS regions and clinical commissioning groups (CCG) serve many different areas around the country, and the standards of healthcare differ between them. We have worked out the UK healthcare hotspots using a number of different data points:

  • Percentage of people who have confidence in their GPs
  • Percentage of people who rated their GP appointment and the booking process as ‘good’ or ‘very good’
  • The number of beds available in the area’s hospitals
  • The number of people satisfied with the service they received
  • Ambulance response times
  • Number of GP’s per 10,000
  • Number of care home beds

*The full methodology for this study can be found in the reference section below.

The best places to live in the UK for healthcare

Northumberland is the best place to live for healthcare in the UK

Northumberland CCG is the best place to live for healthcare in the UK, ranking first in our index with a score of 73.7/100. Overall satisfaction for service in the county was high, with 98% of people in the area having confidence in their GP and 96% of people stating that they had their needs met at their last GP appointment. The northern county has 6.7 GPs per 10,000 people, beating the UK average by 16%. 

In this CCG, as well as all the others in the top five UK health hotspots, the average ambulance response time is 08:01. The fastest ambulance response times in the country come from CCGs in London, namely, South West London CCG, North West London CCG, North Central London CCG, South East London CCG and North East London CCG. Each of these has an average ambulance response time of 06:58.

North Yorkshire is the second best county for healthcare

The North East and Yorkshire is the best NHS region for healthcare, with 16 locations ranking in the top 20. In North Yorkshire CCG specifically, 97% of people reported confidence in their GP, and 96% said their needs were met at their last GP appointment. In this region, there are 7.08 GPs per 10,000 people – among the highest in the UK. 

South Tyneside is a great place to live for healthcare

Also a part of the North East and Yorkshire Commissioning Region, South Tyneside CCG is the third best place to live in the UK for healthcare. Scoring 69.6/100 in our index, 76% of people would describe the experience of booking an appointment as ‘Good’ or ‘Very good’, and 97% have confidence in their GPs. On average, 99.6% of the total available beds are occupied.

County Durham is the fourth best place in the UK for healthcare

County Durham CCG scores 66.5/100 in our healthcare index, putting it in fourth place. 95% of people in this region said their needs were met at their last GP appointment, and 86% described their GP experience as ‘Good’ or ‘Very good’. Overall, 66.48% of people are satisfied with the care and support services in this area.

Bassetlaw is in the top five places to live in the UK for healthcare

NHS Bassetlaw CCG incorporates the five towns of Worksop, Tuxford, Harworth, Bircotes and Retford, and it’s the fifth best place to live in the UK for healthcare. 97% of people here have confidence in their GP, and the same amount said their needs were met at their last GP appointment. There are 5.75 GPs per 10,000 people in this region, and it scored a total of 65.6/100 in our index.

The best locations to live in the UK for healthcare

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The UK Index is made up of 15 metrics,  some of which are based on CCG (Clinical Commissioning Groups – as defined by the NHS as ‘groups of general practices (GPs) which come together in each area to commission the best services for their patients and population’) areas or the respective NHS region, the metrics looked at were:

– % of people who described booking their appointment as “Good” or “Very Good”

– % of people who had confidence in their GP

– % of people whose needs were met at their last GP appointment

– % of people who described their GP experience as “Good” or “Very Good”

– Total Available Beds

– % Occupied Beds

– Total Available Maternity Beds

– % Occupied Maternity Beds

– Overnight beds by consultant speciality (General Surgery)

– Overnight beds by consultant speciality (Gynaecology)

– No. GP’s per 10,000

– Proportion of people satisfied with care & support services

– Adult Social Care Jobs

– Care Home Beds

– Ambulance Response Times (Grouped the regions of England into CCG Groups)

Each metric was ranked from 1-106 with higher ranks being given to better performing areas for each metric. These ranks were added together to give a total index score that indicated the best “Health Hotspot”

Sources used for the UK index were:

Entire data available under request.

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