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Christophe Jauquet

MSci Business Economics Author and Global keynote speaker on the future of health business

Christophe Jauquet is an internationally recognized author & keynote speaker on the future of health business. He has been quoted by Deloitte in their 2022 Global Life Sciences Outlook and hosts the globally renown 'Healthusiasm' podcast on the future of health & self-care. Before starting his own business, Christophe held various roles as an intrapreneur at Pfizer Inc., for which he has been recognized with several global innovation awards. Today, he is known as a visionary at the intersection of health, marketing, and technology. Christophe can count pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Sanofi & GSK and consumer brands like L'Oreal, Nestlé & Pepsi among his clients.

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Patient Engagement

3 simple prerequisites to patient engagement 

Christophe Jauquet,

30 November 2022

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