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Karl-Heinz Fiebig

Cofounder and chief innovation officer (CINO/CTIO) of idatase GmbH

Karl-Heinz Fiebig cofounder and Head of Technical Innovation (CTIO) of idatase GmbH. He is responsible for the data analytics and semantics architecture of the NetLume Platform. Karl-Heinz has nine years of experience in development and application of machine learning and gathered multiple years of experience with technical leads in Industry 4.0 projects on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. He won a best paper award at the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics as an undergraduate as well as various competition awards for Industry 4.0 challenges. Karl-Heinz has also co-authored a book chapter on Transfer Learning.

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Information Technology

How to make the most of your healthcare data?

Karl-Heinz Fiebig,

17 October 2019

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