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Kathryn Waddington

PhD Psychologist at the University of Westminster, United Kingdom

Kathryn Waddington is a Chartered Psychologist and researcher in work and organizational psychology at the University of Westminster. She began her professional career in nursing before moving into academia, where her research interests include organizational communication and the development of compassionate organizational cultures and practices. She cares deeply about research that brings academics and practitioners together, and that makes a positive difference to people’s lives. She has recently edited and written the books Towards the Compassionate University: From Golden Thread to Global Impact and Gossip, Organization and Work: A Research Overview, which will both be published by Routledge in 2021. This expert opinion article is based on her doctoral research at the University of London into the role and function of gossip in nursing and healthcare organizations.

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Kathryn Waddington,

29 October 2020