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Kevin Kirksey

Husband, father, grandfather, speaker, author, and former Cardiac Care ICU patient.

Kevin Kirksey is a husband, father, Pop-Pop, speaker, author, and former cardiac ICU patient who has lived and documented his inspirational story of profound transformation to living Life 2.0 in his book Life 2.0 - A Journey From Near Death to New Life. Kevin’s journey, including the unusual set of circumstances that led to his extended and enhanced life, has been shared with many through writing, speaking, print media, the internet, and television. Although Kevin is not a medical expert, he has often been referred to as an expert patient. He articulates his perspectives, observations, and research in ways healthcare providers don’t always hear, about what they do, why they matter, and the profound difference they can make in the lives of their patients in and well beyond the healthcare setting.

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Patient Experience

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Kevin Kirksey,

14 March 2022

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