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Maturin Tchoumi

Managing Director at Roche Finland

Maturin Tchoumi currently heads up the Roche Pharma organization in Finland. He began his career at Roche as a Market Research Assistant in the Ivory Coast. A native Cameroonian, he has seen and experienced first-hand the energy emanating from the vast continent of Africa. Every day, he taps into his passion to drive internal and external partnerships that create tangible results and outcomes for everyone working in the healthcare system as well as for those receiving care from our doctors and nurses. Throughout his 30-year career, Maturin has always looked forward as he has sought to deliver relevant and impactful results for the Roche internal organization as well as the external environment. Maturin works collaboratively with others to determine the most meaningful ways of ensuring patients achieve the outcomes that matter most to them. His goal is simple, but ambitious: to find new ways of building healthcare systems that are ready for the demands of tomorrow.

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Digital Technology

Digital health: Empowering patients to take control of their health

Maturin Tchoumi,

30 June 2021