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Executive Roundtable: Digital Diagnostics Transformation: What’s next?

Seizing the potential of data-driven diagnostics

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (HBRAS) recently conducted a global survey of senior healthcare leaders sponsored by Roche. It found that leaders worldwide recognized the tremendous potential of the advanced use of data to improve health outcomes and improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

However, many healthcare organizations are struggling to unlock the full power of data to drive decision-making and improve performance.

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In this webinar, Alex Clemente summarizes the HBRAS survey findings about data-driven diagnostics in healthcare as he discusses:

  • Key survey takeaways, including the behaviors and characteristics that differentiate leaders from laggards in digital transformation
  • Barriers to becoming more data driven
  • Five practices that can facilitate transformation.

Following the presentation of the survey findings, Dr. William G. Morice of Mayo Clinic and Nick de Pennington of Oxford University Hospitals share their perspectives about digital transformation in healthcare, the challenges that must be overcome, and the impact of COVID-19.