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Data monetization in healthcare: How to safely share your data for the sake of science

Healthcare data is growing at an exponential rate as the usage of electronic health records increases in adoption. The advancement of AI and computer modeling can provide us with insights into what the data means and how it can be used to improve cost-effectiveness and patient outcomes.

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But how do we share and leverage this data for the sake of science? How do we ensure that patient data is secure, remains private, and is utilized in a manner that is ethical? Is blockchain and computer algorithms a way for us to monetize our data so patients can receive the best care possible in a responsible and regulated manner?

Watch the recording of our live event with Atul Butte, Chief Data Scientist across University of California Health Service, and Jim Stolze, Tech Entrepreneur and founder of Aigency, as they discuss the worth and value of data in healthcare under the professional guidance of our Roche host, Andreas Schneider.

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